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Beyerdynamic FOX Gaming Microphone

When it comes to the best budget gaming microphone, the Beyerdynamic FOX Gaming Microphone is a serious contender for the throne. It comes packed with some exciting features that make it stand out from the rest of the competing choices. Not to mention it has bagged a stunning 4.5-star rating on Amazon too!

That is why we’re here to share an in-depth review of this gaming microphone, highlighting some key features that will surely compel you to go for it. These features will be covering important specs as well as potential elements that it lacks so that you can judge fairly and decide easily. So, without further ado, let’s begin:

Specs Breakdown

Check out the specs breakdown below so that you may find important factors to intelligently influence your decision:


Product Dimensions

‎18.54 x 5.33 x 10.41 cm; 453.59 Grams


‎1 Lithium Ion battery required



Power Source

‎Corded Electric

Item Weight

‎454 g

Best Sellers Rank

#11,263 in Musical Instruments (Top 100 in Musical Instruments)

#1,134 in Condenser

Sample rate

96 KHz

Bit rate


Polar pattern


Cable length

3.3 feet (1m)


$99.00 (on Amazon), $191.50 (on Conrad)


Image Credit: beyerdynamic

Some Notable Features

We covered some of the features and specs but they weren’t enough to provide a complete overview of what Beyerdynamic FOX Gaming Microphone is capable of. So, it’s time to check out why it’s one of the most recommended gaming microphones in the market:

Product Design

The Beyerdynamic FOX Gaming Microphone comes with a compelling design that allows it to fulfill a gamer’s dream of creating an alluring gaming setup. The microphone, though has a USB port on the rear panel, which allows to tilt it back only so far, comes with a stylish dark grey/ black cylindrical look.

With 4 venting areas on all sides (front, rear, top), it comes with a cardioid pattern condenser capsule on the front. Below the condenser, you can see the windscreen as well as function buttons including a mute button, two knobs, and a headphone jack.

Interestingly, the mute button comes with the microphone, which turns orange when on. Below this button, you’ll see two more knobs: Mix and Volume. Below them, there’s the 3.5mm headphone jack.

The desktop stand comes with a pivoting base, which makes it easier to adjust the grille. It works for pretty much all sorts of angling apart from the rear angle adjustment since that is where the USB port comes, which reduces any kind of tilting backward.

Not to mention it also comes with an adapter that makes it easier to screw the microphone to a typical stand.

Image Credit: beyerdynamic


Well, enough with showing off what it is and how it’s built. The real deal comes when we discuss how this product is performing. We mentioned earlier how it comes with rotary knobs; however, it lacks a knob for gain and comes with only 2 modes (high and low), which can somewhat put one off.

Fortunately, the performance for both modes is quite spectacular in terms of a sonic experience. The lower gain brings a pure sensational sound experience while the high/upper gain brings a more lively experience. The lower gain was even able to bring crisp sound with low frequency response smoothly at a 5-7 inch distance without picking up the room’s sounds.

According to FOX, the Beyerdynamic FOX Gaming Microphone features a 20-20 kHz frequency response rate and has a 24-bit, 96kHz output signal for recording purposes. When addressed off-axis, it brings a less crisp but more lively experience that is captivating for vocalists for different purposes.


But one thing that was somewhat off-put was the presence of the gain switches that were overriding typical recording software. In comparison with some outstanding competitors such as Blue Raspberry, the Beyerdynamic FOX Gaming Microphone was lagging, though not by too many points, but still.

If the signal is low, it would need processing as the gain modes will take over. On the other hand, the gain’s crispness in comparison with the competitors of the same range wasn’t enough to be deemed worthy of the crown. Still, the Beyerdynamic FOX Gaming Microphone brought some exciting perks that made it a compelling choice.

Image Credit: beyerdynamic

Setting It Up

Apart from this, the setting up phase for the Beyerdynamic FOX Gaming Microphone is quite easy. Since it’s featuring a USB connect type, all you need to do is plug it in, let your device configure it and it’ll be ready to go.

However, in some cases, the device will require some additional downloads and setting up of the components, which honestly isn’t much of a hassle. Depending upon the software that is causing this, you can just simply follow the steps and get the software installed without any issue.

Pros and Cons

Now that we’ve highlighted some of the potential features, specs and pricing, it’s time to look at the pros and cons of the Beyerdynamic FOX Gaming Microphone. Reviewing them is important since you would want to have a solid overview of what it’s offering and then make an optimal choice. Check them out below:




Provides crisp audio signals

Has a built-in mute button

Comes with a windscreen

Comes with a low latency monitor that allows mixing computer and mic sounds

User-friendly USB microphone

Has only 2 gain settings

Shorter USB cable

Where to Buy Beyerdynamic FOX Gaming Microphone?

With all these amazing specs and features, you might be having thoughts of buying this right away, no? Well, if you are, then Amazon is selling this for $99.00, and Conrad is selling this for $191.50.

Final Thoughts

Well, there you have it! We’ve just illustrated an in-depth review of the Beyerdynamic FOX Gaming Microphone that you can get your hands on. From the review, you can get a bunch of amazing perks and features that this device packs. Concerning your requirements, it’s one of the best gaming microphone choices under budget that one can surely go for. So, if you think that it has all that you’re looking for, then you can get one for yourself right away.

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