Blue Yeti USB Gaming Microphone Review

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Blue Yeti USB Streaming Microphone

Streaming in general has become a trend, and when it comes to the sound quality of microphones for streaming videos, we tend to choose the best product available in the market. Blue Yeti USB Gaming Microphone is a powerful, multipurpose device manufactured by Logitech for flawlessly streaming, gaming, and recording audio. The Blue Yeti is one of the most efficient mics that stands out and satisfies almost every user. This Logitech premium quality microphone has 4.7 stars from 38,000+ reviews on Amazon.

In this review of the Blue Yeti USB Mic, I will cover all the pros and cons, plus how well it works for streaming and recording audio. As a result, you will be very sure whether you should buy the microphone or not. As we dive headfirst in, let’s look at its specifications and features.

Features, Specifications and Pricing:


Microphone features

Company Manufacturer


Model Number


Sample rate



USB Type-A

Cable length

3.3 feet (1m)

Bit rate

16 bit

Condenser type

Back electret

Type of connector


Frequency  response

20-20,000 Hz

Polar patterns

Cardioid, Omni-directional Bidirectional, and Stereo,



Connectivity technology


Power source

Corded Electric


3.51 Pounds

Audio sensitivity

120 dB

Microphone Specifications


3 Condensers


Cardioid, Omni, Bi-directional Stereo

Sample rate/Bi Depth

16-bit/48 kHz



Headphone Output & Volume



$110.53 at Amazon

Compatible devices

Personal computers (PC windows 8,8.1, 10, Mac, Mumble, Skype, & Open broadcaster software), Headphone

Pros and Cons




Microphone has strong building quality and brand quality material

Its standard version has no XLR output

Its outstanding sound quality is best for voice recordings and streaming.

Slight delay can be observed

G-Hub software with Logitech helps optimize the microphone’s sound to the next level.

Outstepped rivals for sound quality

It has three capsules array with a highly adjustable stand which can rotate very easily to position itself to the sound source

It does not add the same amount of bass as compared to HyperX QuadCast gaming microphone

Clear vocals produce a seamless and professional voice with a strong, stable stand

This microphone does not have hi-res recording options

It has a USB output, headphone output, headphone volume selection, and mic mute options on the next level

The recommended model Sherpa software does not work great for this version

Gaming-friendly gain control adjustment


Desktop mic with affordable price and doesn’t need a pre-amp.


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Where can I get the Blue Yeti Gaming Microphone?

You can buy the microphone online from amazon at an affordable price of $110.53. For the second option, you can buy this microphone from the GameStop website for $76.99. Moreover, this fantastic Blue Yeti USB Microphone is also available at JB HI-FI website. Finally, you can buy it from the official website of Logitech for creators for 129$.


The Blue Yeti has a three-capsule array that produces professional-quality sound best fit for zoom meetings, broadcasting, streaming, podcasting, and the like. Its four pattern options give immense flexibility while recording.

Blue Yeti USB gaming Microphone has a firm microphone stand with a strong grip and quality. Its adjustable design and desktop stand can be positioned easily to the sound source to record flawless clear voice with zero latency. Logitech offers this microphone with exclusive features. Its knob on the front controls the volume quickly and easily. The threaded arm on the bottom side of the mic has a threaded mount that performs flawlessly with the boom arm.

It has advanced modulation and produces HD sound, so your listeners never experience any delays or shrill voice, which no one appreciates while listening to online podcasts.

Omni-, flexible, cardioid, stereo, and bidirectional pickup patterns allow you to record in multiple different directions, dimensions that other mics characteristically struggle to pick up. The Blue Yeti USB Gaming Microphone offers numerous audio controls, including instant mute function, mic gain, pick-up pattern switch, headphone mic, and volume mute. Pattern selector and gain control knob are on the bottom side of the mic. All these features facilitate its users to manage the microphone easily and quickly. Moreover, it is the most accessible microphone available in the market to record sound efficiently. It’s integrated LED light flashes instantly when the device is on mute. Plus, it stays on while the mic is active.

It’s compatible with both Mac and PC. Its premium quality features connect in seconds with the desktop, or you can join it with a mic stand, and it will instantly start recording.

Image Credit: Amazon

Gaming experience and performance of Logitech’s Blue Yeti Mic:

The Blue Yeti is a game-changer microphone for streamers and gamers. The brand has ensured to facilitate its customers with every possible feature and the best quality mic, which produces excellent sound pickup all around.

Its three microphones are inside, producing a frequency range of 20Hz to 20K Hz. This frequency range is ample for game streaming and voice-over.

The Blue Yeti has 120 dB as its maximum sound level, and its maximum harmonic distortion (TD) is o.5%. Plus, it has a maximum bit depth of 48 kHz, equal to 16 bit. These features control maximum distortion in voice and produce calm and clear shrill-free sound.

It’s available in blue, black, and silver colors with an efficient and professional design. Being gamers, it’s compulsory to maintain an attractive design of the set. This is where the mic’s impressive design comes in. Every color and design can boost the overall look of your gaming set.

This microphone is very sensitive to other voices, which is very easily fixable. You can fix this issue by turning the gain up or down on the operating system and the device. You can also set this issue by using G-Hub software.

These features combine to become the perfect partner for YouTubers and video streamers while recording or streaming any sound online or offline.

Image Credit: Amazon

My final words about the device:

The Blue Yeti USB gaming Microphone is simple, easy to use, and up there with the best gaming microphones. It’s recommended for everyone as the best selection for YouTube, streaming, gaming, and podcasts.

It has thousands of positive reviews available online on almost every platform where it’s available for buying. You will never stop loving it after its first use.


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