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AndaSeat Fnatic Edition Gaming Chair Review

In today’s review, I’m looking at the AndaSeat Fnatic Edition Gaming Chair, a version of the “Kaiser” chair model from the said manufacturer. The manufacturer is an official gaming chair supplier for esports teams such as NaVi and Fnatic and therefore delights fans with this chair, which has orange accents, logos, and lettering of the team. This gaming chair will not only impress with its appearance but also prevent fatigue and offer good comfort thanks to the special AD+ design. In the following, you will find out whether these promises are kept.




Upholstery material


artificial leather


Product color




Design features


headrest, armrests, wheels (rollers), skids, lumbar support


Functional features


swing mechanism, soft seat, backrest fixation in any position


Maximum load


up to 150 kg


All Adjustments


seat height, headrest height, lumbar support height, armrest height, armrest depth, distance between right and left armrest, armrest angle



Pros :


Cons :






For people up to 210 cm tall

For heavy people up to 150 kg


The back cushion is not height-adjustable.


Image Credit: AndaSeat


The recommended retail price of the AndaSeat Fnatic Edition gaming chair is $449.99. The chair is available in their own online shop for $380 instead of $449.


I start from the bottom; here, the aluminum Oc-TopsAD+ base with its five extension arms and the corresponding rollers ensures a secure footing. The rollers are hard plastic rollers. These are particularly suitable for short-pile carpets and laminate. If you like it quieter and want to protect your parquet, you should switch to castors with rubber coating – these are available as accessories.

The seat and the backrest are covered with AD+ PVC leather. It is smooth PVC leather (artificial leather), which is scratch and dirt-repellent. Not only should it be easier to clean, but it should also keep its shape on top. The covers are mostly black, with orange inserts on the side of the backrest. The Fnatic lettering is also embroidered in the head area. The Fnatic logo is sewn in large on the back of the backrest.

On the right side of the seat, there is a lever that is responsible for adjusting the backrest. It allows the backrest to be folded backward by up to 160 degrees. In the upright position, the angle is 90 degrees.

The processing quality of the AndaSeat Fnatic Edition is on a good level. The seams and the embroidery are clean, and I don’t find any sharp edges. 

However, the chair is not necessarily something for small people. It’s really massive and damn heavy! The AndaSeat Fnatic Edition weighed just over 30 kg. It is by far not a little, but players: inside are quite stable “in the saddle” because it takes some effort to move it. Nevertheless, the rollers feel very smooth running as soon as you have set them in motion with a little effort. In any case, the quality of the craft and the materials used are extremely high-quality.

Image Credit: AndaSeat


The AndaSeat Fnatic Edition comes with two cushions with a black velour cover. The pillow can be attached to the headrest of the backrest with an elastic band. For people under 170 cm, I recommend putting the elastic through the belt loops. For taller individuals, the pillow’s elastic should simply be pulled over the headrest until it fits comfortably. The back cushion has no attachment and is simply placed on the backrest. As a result, it is unfortunately not possible to adjust the height of the pillow and fix it in place without realigning it each time. 

Let’s go a little more into the ergonomics of the AndaSeat Fnatic Edition gaming chair. Clearly, most chairs of this type are not really ergonomic, and the seats are more of a visual eye-catcher. This gaming chair is no different in everyday office life. Although the lower back is well supported by the pillow, the upper back is not supported. The same applies to the arms because when you press the keyboard, your arms do not rest on the armrests. Things look different as soon as you pick up a controller. You can snuggle up nicely in the contours of the gaming chair while your backs and heads are supported and your elbows rest on the armrests.

It is also very suitable for the power nap, which has never been so comfortable in any chair as in the AndaSeat Fnatic Edition gaming chair.


AndaSeat Fnatic Edition is really heavy, and the huge chair (significantly larger than other models) is assembled in about 30 minutes. The materials for assembly are all well. There were no difficulties during construction. Everything fits together seamlessly and screws together nicely. Incidentally, no additional tools are required since a sufficiently large Allen key is included in the package.

Functionally, the AndaSeat Fnatic Edition is also lavishly equipped. The armrests can be adjusted “in 4D.” In addition to up and down, you can also move forwards and backward. You can also turn them inwards and outwards. Horizontal adjustment is also possible. So you can adjust them perfectly to your needs. It also applies to tilting the gaming chair, which can be done effortlessly. It also applies to the height adjustment, which is very important due to the sheer size. By the way, this works very well and is sensitively adjustable.

Image Credit: AndaSeat

Sitting, comfort, and material: Extremely high level

As already mentioned above, artificial leather, or PVC leather is used. Everything is sewn with extremely high quality, and I could not find any “predetermined breaking points.” The material is also water-resistant. Strong! The AndaSeat Fnatic Edition at least feels like it’s built to last. But also to be clear: At the price, I don’t expect less.

The comfort is also extremely high due to the lavish seat shell and the many adjustment options. It feels like you’re sitting on a throne! However, it should be noted that the AndaSeat of this class is only available in XL. There are no small sizes for the chair and therefore it is intended for taller people. Nevertheless, smaller people can also take a seat. It also depends a bit on the sitting position. I had no problem with my 182 cm but found it very bulky and huge.

But it doesn’t make me uncomfortable. Even longer gaming sessions are no problem. The seat cushion doesn’t tire, and my bottom didn’t go numb either. The only drawback: the leather doesn’t seem particularly breathable. Sitting in shorts and high temperatures made my thighs stick to the leather. So sweating is inevitable, but the robust leather hardly makes a difference. However, the sticking on the seat is definitely worth mentioning, and that’s a small flaw.


At first glance, the price seems quite high, but you are dealing with a very large gaming chair model that can also carry large and heavy people. The construction is quick, and once it is standing, you notice the high level of quality. The artificial leather is optimally sewn, and the additional comfort cushions are super plush and fluffy. The cushions supplied are a real plus in terms of comfort, but I would like the back cushion to be height-adjustable. Water cannot harm the material either, and it is very easy to clean with a damp cloth and keep it in good condition! The many setting functions for the armrests put the icing on the cake. I cannot find any criticism in terms of material and design. Of course, this is a product for fans of the Fnatic brand, but in contrast to other models, the topic is still kept quite discreet.

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