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Logitech G513 Carbon Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Logitech G513 Carbon is a mechanical gaming keyboard in a full-size aluminum case. It has excellent reviews due to its good performance, but is it the gaming keyboard you need? To learn more about it, I have analyzed it in depth, so here I will explain all its characteristics and look at the keyboard settings and its functions, advantages, and disadvantages.




Logitech G513 Carbon Mechanical Gaming Keyboard


Carbon Mechanical



Wire length:


Actuation Distance:


Actuation force:

50 gr.


customizable RGB


132 x 445 x35.5mm

Palm rest length:

88 x 445 x 21.5 mm


962 grams

Image Credit: Logitech


This Logitech model has a spacious and comfortable design and is made of a strong aluminum and magnesium alloy to obtain higher durability. So its materials are of excellent quality, and as a whole, they offer a wonderful experience when playing.

The keyboard is connected using two cables – one for the operation of the keyboard itself, the second for the operation of the USB port built into the keyboard for connecting a computer mouse directly to the keyboard. The cable itself is enclosed in a thick and durable fabric braid and not dismantled.

Most of the special characters are highlighted in a brighter color when ordinary characters do not stand out well against the background color of the keys.

Some keys have additional dual functionality when combined with the FN key.


The main thing in the keyboard is the switches. For this keyboard, there are four types of keyboard switches.

GX Red – the key slides down to the stop without feeling pressed

GX Brown – they create a feeling of a small bump when pressed

GX Blue – they have Romer-G tactile

feedback (similar to Cherry MX red)

Romer-G tactile switches are made with original Romer-G technology, thanks to which their operation is well felt. Romer-G Linear switches are characterized by smooth operation. GX Blue are traditional switches that provide tactile feedback and a click sound: the user can hear and feel their instant operation. All keyboard switches are tested and guaranteed to last 70 million clicks, a testament to their reliability and durability. The G513 Silver only comes with Romer-G tactile Switches. The G513 Carbon is available with GX Blue and Romer-G switches (linear and tactile).

This model has a total of 104 Gx Blue tactile mechanical keys, each with its own activation sound. These have a good lifespan, reaching up to 70 million keystrokes. In addition, its anti-ghosting system is excellent, so you will always press the keys in the order you need without any kind of latency worries. The keys have a smooth traveling speed, but the space bar stands out and makes a noticeable noise.

Bonus gaming keycaps are not convenient when typing, as they prevent you from typing faster than regular keys, which can be unpleasant. But playing with them is convenient because the keys have small depressions to cuddle your fingertips. (Apparently this aids gameplay, but we did not notice any real difference.)

Image Credit: Logitech

The Wrist Rest: the pillow of the table

I suppose that above you noticed that the pillow is separate from the keyboard — this is completely detached. It does not attach to the keyboard in any way. It’s just a separate palm rest. In my opinion, it’s convenient. You can choose the distance individually according to the size of your hand, while there are no fasteners, and there is nothing to interfere with your hand.

The pillow is covered with a leather substitute, soft and pleasant to the touch, keeps its shape well, and practically does not get dirty. Rubber feet keep it stable on the table, do not slip.

G HUB Functions

Officially, this is a very convenient feature that the keyboard includes — Logitech G HUB. The feature includes LIGHTSYNC – light synchronization; here, you can choose the backlight color for your keyboard and select one of seven modes. For example, I use a cycle so that it shimmers with all the colors of the rainbow. According to the standard, there are four levels of backlight brightness. Both layouts are highlighted in the same way because they are placed on top of the cap. The Latin font is larger and bolder.

Having opened “Assignments,” – You can see plenty of functions to interact with. Let’s start with the fact that you can simply rebind the key and end up with the ability to record macros, assign them to the buttons of the top row, and turn on the FN mode according to the standard. Assignments overwrite the value of the button, so be careful with further use of hotkeys in applications.

The next one is “Game Mode,” which is activated using the key combination Fn + F8 and does not allow you to press certain keys in games because it’s not corny to accidentally miss-click on a crucial moment. By the way, this device itself recognizes and adapts to the game you are playing, which allows you to bind and program keys for everything. Very adaptable and comfortable.

Who is the Logitech G513 recommended for?

This keyboard with mechanical keys is designed for demanding gamers looking for good quality in their peripherals. In addition, its GX Blue keys have a lot of sounds, making it perfect for gamers looking to play with the feel of a 100% mechanical keyboard. Although many people other than just gamers can enjoy this product, it was specifically designed with gamers in mind, because of the low latency and anti-ghosting features built-in.


Image Credit: Logitech


The Logitech G513 Carbon mechanical keyboard, with its excellent build quality, is the standard for full-size keyboards, but in a compact and durable metal chassis that has an unrealistic switch endurance of 70 million clicks. It guarantees continuous operation for a very, very long time. An additional pleasant bonus Logitech presents you with a USB port to which you can connect a mouse or charge your phone. Yes, charge your phone from the keyboard! (The future has already come). You have an adaptively comfortable mechanical keyboard that will satisfy the needs of the majority of not only gamers but also programmers and many other professionals.

Let’s highlight the pros and cons of this device so that everyone decides everything for himself and draws the appropriate conclusions:




Stylish aluminum case.

Good materials and thick wires.

Multi-color backlighting for each key.

Non-slip rubber feet.

Intuitive software.

Adjustable backlight brightness.

Ability to create your own effects.

Technical support Logitech, who is ready to help in any situation.

Very nice GX Brown switches.

Resource of 70 million clicks.

Comfortable palm rest.

USB output.

Not everyone can afford this keyboard.

Loud spacebar noise.

There are no familiar Num Lock and Scroll Lock indicators.

With the backlight turned off, characters are not visible.

Keyboard feet with standard tilt.

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