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noblechairs Epic Real Leather Gaming Chair

Noblechairs is a company known for producing some of the best high-quality gaming chairs for gamers and enthusiasts. The noblechairs Epic Real Leather is a sleek, racing-inspired gaming chair that uses premium quality materials, thereby combining unparalleled aesthetics with absolute comfort.

While the noblechairs Epic Real Leather gaming chair is a bit expensive compared to other gaming chairs, it’s worth the price. However, synthetic leather is an affordable alternative if you want to save money.

Today, we’ll review the noblechairs Epic Real Leather gaming chair with all its specs, pros and cons, and other details about this gaming chair to help you decide whether it’s the right chair for you or not.

noblechairs Epic Real Leather Specs and Pricing









Top grain real leather








Polyurethane, 4D Armrests with maximum adjustability




Deformationresistant cold foam




Nylon/polyurethane, 60 mm for soft and hard flooring


Maximum load


Up to 265 lbs (120 kg)




84 x 38 x 70 cm (W × D × H)




61 lbs (28 kg)


Total height


129.5 – 139.5 cm


Total depth


56.5 cm


Seat height


48-58 cm


Seat width


56 cm


Seat depth


49.5 cm


Armrest width


10.5 cm


Armrest depth


27 cm


Backrest angle


90 – 135 degrees


Practical tilting function


11 degrees maximum


Gas lift cylinder


Durable hydraulic gas lift (Class 4)




2 years






Pros and Cons







Uses real leather that looks, smells, and feels great

Premium quality

Sleek design

Easy to set up

Extensive adjustability


Might seem too big for very small rooms

Premium pricing


Image Credit: noblechairs

Where Can I Buy the noblechairs Epic Real Leather Gaming Chair?

You can buy this impressive gaming chair directly from the noblechairs website for $599.99 or you can also purchase this on Amazon starting from $469.99.


With the use of high-quality materials, the noblechairs Epic Real Leather gaming chair is built to last. The sturdy metal frame ensures that this chair would still be going strong years down the line. This is something you don’t always get in the gaming chair market.

While there are several lowerbudget brands, none can match the build quality of the noblechairs gaming chairs. The bucket racer style of the Epic Real Leather chair is a go-to design in the gaming chair industry, as this seat style gives users excellent support for their back and upper body.

The noblechairs Epic Real Leather chair has several useful features and a multi-functional tilt mechanism that helps you adjust the seating positions for promoting blood flow to the brain. This chair also has 4D armrests which are again not common in all gaming chairs. It adds an extra level of adjustability.

Moreover, this gaming chair has recline function and its backrest adjusts from 90 to 135 degrees. Apart from the Epic Real Leather gaming chair, these chairs come in several different color combinations, such as black-red, black-blue, and black-gold.

Image Credit: noblechairs


The noblechairs Epic Real Leather gaming chair can be assembled within half an hour without additional help. The assembly process has been developed in such a way that makes the assembly quite user-friendly and intuitive.

Although you may have some difficulty understanding everything at first, you can follow the guide provided in the manual book. It’ll surely make the gaming chair easier to assemble as the instructions are illustrated clearly.

The hardest part of the assembly process is fitting the chair to the base. But other than that, the assembly goes smooth when the step-by-step instructions are followed.

Comfort and Experience

The impressive features of this gaming chair and its benefits are not the only things that attract consumers. The Epic Real Leather gaming chair is the most toptier gaming chair that not only looks sleek but is also pretty comfortable.

The core foundation of this chair offers excellent back support. Arguably one of the most useful features of this gaming chair is the lever on the right side that is used to adjust the backrest. When you sit for longer periods, this feature can provide much-needed back support.

However, the backrest itself is a bit on the firm side. So, if you want a gaming chair with more cushioning and comfort, this chair is not the one. Still, you can experiment with the backrest to find the ideal position.

The chair also comes with additional pillows for the neck and back, which are a plus. if you want to adjust the height, there’s a lever on the bottom right of the chair. This chair tilts about 11 degrees back and the lever on the left that acts as a single lock-and-release and it can be used to lock the chair in position.

Lastly, the armrests of the noblechairs Epic Real Leather gaming chair are extremely adjustable. They can be moved up, down, right, left, forward, backward, and diagonally as well. You can also tilt at 45 degrees inward and outward to get them in any desired position.

While this is a great featurethese movement options might be sort of unnecessary and this much flexibility can also make the armrests less stable while using.

Image Credit: noblechairs

Final Thoughts

The noblechairs Epic Real Leather gaming chair is one of the best gaming chairs you can buy. This one-of-a-kind luxury gaming chair comes with a premium cushion set along with ample features, 4D armrests, and a range of adjustment options. Power enthusiasts can also use this chair, thanks to its comfort and versatility of this chair.

Plus! This gaming chair is pretty easy to set up. This racerstyle bucket chair is built to last. But if you’re looking for extra comfort and cushioning, you can explore other options. The range of movement of this gaming chair is great. Although it costs more than those average quality gaming chairs, the materials are premium quality, it feels comfortable to sit on, and it’s easy to clean as well.

So, if you can afford this incredible gaming chairthen this noblechairs Epic Real Leather gaming chair is a solid option for its price.

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