Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero Gaming Headset Review

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Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero

Are you looking for a pair of wireless headphones for your gaming needs? If so, then you should consider investing in the Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero. 

Turtle Beach has always produced great headphones, but with the Elite Atlas Aero, they have raised the bar even higher.

This review will cover everything you should know about the Elite Atlas Aero before you choose your next gaming headset. First off, we will take a general look at the specifications and pricing. Then we will check out the pros and cons. Following that, we’ll go over the general features and gaming experience you’ll have with this headset.

So, let’s get right into the specifications and pricing.

Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero Pricing and Specifications


Audio connection (USB)

Windows, Mac

Audio Connection (3.5mm cable)

Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Mobile, Tablet

Speaker Frequency Response

12Hz – 20KHz

Speaker Size

50mm Nanoclear speakers


Professional gaming mic with TruSpeak technology.

Product Dimensions

9.09 × 4.32 × 9.69 inches


1.8 pounds


1 Lithium Polymer (Li-Po) battery


$149 on the Turtle Beach website, $112.99 on Amazon

Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero Pros and Cons




The headset has a well-built steel headband.

It is only wireless via PC.

The mic is excellent for a maximum gaming experience

The controls are crowded on the left ear.

There are a lot of options that can be accessed from the app.

It has no lighting.

It produces top-notch audio quality.


It fits very comfortably.



Image Credit: Turtle Beach

Where can you get the Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero?


You can get the headset directly from the Turtle Beach website, and on Microsoft for $149.99 or on Amazon for S112.99.

 Headset Design

The headset looks like other Turtle Beach headsets. It features the same steel headband that the Elite Atlas and the Elite Pro 2 are known for. It also has large leather-wrapped earpads with breathable fabric on the surface.

The metal headband is held in place with a suspension that has a fabric-covered foam pad. This keeps the metal away from your scalp.

A matte black plastic covers the back of the earcups all the way to the headbands. You have large solid hinges on each headband so that you can fold the headset. However, there is a limit to how far you can fold it due to the thick earpads.

On the left earcup, you can find all the controls and connectors of the Elite Atlas Aero. It comes with a volume wheel and a programmable mic monitoring adjustment wheel. Near the back of the earcup, you will find a function button that is also programmable and the power button.

At the bottom edge, there is the micro USB port to charge the headset, a 3.5mm port (cable included), and the connection port for the detachable boom mic.


The Elite Atlas Aero is made primarily to be used with PCs. Its USB adapter works only with a PC, which allows you to make use of the Turtle Beach Control Studio Software. Also, you can only make use of WavesNx when you connect wirelessly to a PC. 

The WavesNx is Turtle Beach’s stimulated surround sound processing. This gives a virtual surround effect by mixing the sound coming through the earcups. Although you can use the included cable to wire the headset to the headset jack on your PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, you can only enjoy the surround sound effect when you connect wirelessly to your PC. 


With the Turtle Beach Control Studio, you can play around with the audio settings. You can turn on the WavesNx, toggle the Superhuman Hearing feature, and adjust other chat and volume audio settings. 

The Superhuman Hearing feature has several frequency bands with which you can make in-game audio like footsteps and gunfire more noticeable. 

The software allows you to enjoy a 10-band equalizer to adjust game audio, mic audio, and voice chat audio

Image Credit: Turtle Beach


The microphone is another superb feature of the Elite Atlas Aero. Not only is it removable, it also has a very flexible stem that allows it to stay in place.

Initially, it might be sensitive and continually pick up background noises, but once set up properly, the voice will sound crisp and clear. It has the TruSpeak technology installed, which makes it ideal for streaming or voice chat.

 Gaming Experience and Performance

The sound quality is excellent across all games. You can use the secondary volume wheel to control the Superhuman Hearing feature. This way, you can actually balance out the game audio.

The headset does not get bass heavy, but the sounds come out clearly enough to give you a sense of directionality and left-right positioning. It is especially helpful in combat games so that you can know when you are surrounded.

Gun shots are clearly heard over the soundtrack, giving you that satisfaction, while you can take advantage of the stereo panning and stimulated surround sound processing to provide you with a sense of direction enough to guide you as required.

Although the bass response is not exactly great, it still produces enough sound to have a bit of a presence. The headset also has a 3D audio feature that allows you to enjoy a more immersive gaming experience. However, you do not want to use this feature while playing games where you need positional audio because it can be difficult to say where certain sounds are coming from.

Music Experience

The Elite Atlas Aero also allows you to enjoy your favorite songs. It handles bass tracks satisfactorily well and also sounds nice when used to listen to acoustic tracks. It may not produce the best low-frequency response, but it gives out balanced audio feedback no matter the song type. If you are not satisfied with the audio, you can always make the necessary tweaks with the variety of settings available.


At $113, the Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero is a capable wireless gaming headset that will serve all your PC gaming needs. In addition to its good audio performance, it also has a 30 hour battery life, which allows you to use it non-stop throughout the day. 

Its wireless connectivity and stimulated surround sound processing make it a very good pick for gaming on your PC. Despite the fact that it is not as comfortable as other brands, it is a very solid choice to consider for that price.

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